What Is The Purpose of Sleep?

restful nights sleepFor many years there has been great debate over the function and purpose of sleep and the medical and scientific communities have learned much about sleep in the last few years.  The recent evidence shows that both the brain and the body need an optimal amount of sleep in order to function at their peak. Not having adequate sleep can make you feel sleepy, irritable, and sluggish throughout your day. The fact is that we know that sleep is necessary for survival. Several theories have been proposed based on the results of animal and human sleep deprivation experiments. For example, we may require sleep for energy conservation and for restoration of the body and brain that allows them to function adequately during the waking period.

Dr. Sudhansu Chokroverty, has suggested the following:  “It has been suggested that sleep is needed for both consolidation and reconsolidation of memory (restoration of lost memory after the period of sleep) and for adequate stimulation of various nerve circuits within the brain that ensure proper functioning. Human experiments have shown that recent facts that have been forgotten during acute sleep deprivation can be restored after a period of sleep. Recent evidence also suggests that different genes (expression of proteins) are transcripted in the brain during sleep and wakefulness, indicating different functions of the brain during these two states. We also know that deep sleep promotes the release of growth hormone, which is very important for children and young adults. In addition, production of new proteins in the brain during sleep may promote cell growth. Sleep may also provide for regulation of body temperature. Although we do not know its exact function, sleep is critical for survival and for maintaining good physical and mental health.”

The fact remains that our bodies need sleep in order to function properly.  If you have sleep apnea, your body is not getting the rest it needs and the depletion of oxygen in your body can cause other major medical problems and even threaten your life.

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